Shah Rukh Khan is the richest Indian celebrity, says Forbes

Shah Rukh Khan has been named the richest Indian celebrity by the Forbes magazine.

The 2015 Forbes India Celebrity Top 100 list focuses on the net worth by measuring money (earnings estimates) and fame, mentions in print and television and the number of Twitter followers.

The list includes movie actors, television stars, sportspersons, authors, film directors, music directors, singers and stand-up comedians.

Here’s a look at the 10 richest Indian celebrities on the list.

Shah Rukh Khan
Revenue in crore: Rs 257.50

Shah Rukh Khan proves that he is India’s top celebrity once again.

At 50, SRK continues to rule India’s most definitive celebrity index. Having slipped to number three last year, he wrestled his way to the coveted top spot.

Shah Rukh Khan’s earnings are estimated at Rs 257.5 crore, the highest ever any celebrity has made in the four-year history of the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list. In fact, his earnings make up as much as 9 percent of the total wealth of the top 100 celebrities this year, which is Rs 2,819 crore.



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