Celebs came for launch of first look of Hindi film Six X launched

Celebs came for launch of first look of Hindi film Six X launched at Mumbai Cream,Oshiwara.


resham thakker,bedita bag,chandrakant singh,anusmriti sarkar,shweta bharadwaj & akeira

Chandrakant Singh and Shadab Khan invited the cast and guest for 1st look launch their maiden Hindi film Six X at Mumbai cream,Oshiwara.Six X is based on a novel..but its a fictitious novel.its entirely my thought says Chandrakant Singh.Everybody was asking me that where you have adopted this ..its not an adoption…Since there are six stories in this Novel Six X..that’s why I wanted  to give every stories a different point of view so I thought of a different director for every stories.So this was the reason behind taking six directors for the stories. DOP always played a very important part in film making ..DOP is the vice caption in cinema.So I took four DOP for film.SIx X is from female prescriptive.I just hope that my idea will come on the screen better then i have thought about it. Zakir Hussain, Sajan Agarwal,Shweta Bharadwaj,Anusmriti Sarkar,Akeira,Resham Thakker, Bedita Bag,Zaid Shaikh and Arjuman Mughal came for the event. .Ravie Ravan Kathuria,Ali Shah,Devendra Jadhav,Manjeet Maan,Irfan Shaikh and Chandrakant Singh are six directors of six stories.

anusmriti sarkar,shweta bharadwaj,chandrakant singh & arjuman mughal

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