Cast,crew and synopsis of Hindi film Dil Sala Sanki releasing on 9th September all over.

Cast,crew and synopsis of Hindi film Dil Sala Sanki releasing on 9th September all over.
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Actors : Yogesh Kumar
             Jimmy Shergill
              Madalsa Sharma
             Shakti Kapoor
             Avtar Gill
             Shagufta Ali
             Gargi Patel
             Sandeepa Virk
             Hrishita Bhatt
Producer : Sushikailash
Director : Sushikailash
Choreographer : Ricky Gupta
Action : Nishant Khan
Art : Raju Sapote
Cinematographer : Jagan Chawli and Sebastian Anthony

Editor : Sandeep Shetye
lyrics : Ravi Chopra
Music Director : Pramod Panth
Casting : Shivaji Soni
Marketing : Wasim Siddiqui
Creative Director: Israr Ahmed
Distribution : Israr Ahmed (screenshot media) and Greenchilli Pvt Ltd

Singers : Javed Ali, Aman Trikha, Shalmali Kholgade,Kiran Sachdeva 
Locations : Mumbai , Jhansi, Lalitpur, Baruasagar, Orcha, Nepal Jhumsum

Story and Screenplay : Rajan Agrawal
Dialogues : Adesh K Arjun, Rajeev B Agrawal
Duration –   110 Minutes
dil sala sanki2
Ever since Badal was an eight year old, he falls in love with violence. When other children of his age were suggested to take up role models he chose the local mafia leader Bachcha Babu who had a reputation of series crimes and murders as his role model. Badal is so inspired by Bachcha Babu that, his ambition is to grow up like him.
As he grows up, his passion for becoming like Bachcha Babu increases by leaps and bounds. And one day Badal, manipulates a chance and joins the gang of Bachcha Babu.One day, Badal meets his second love Megha and he falls head over heels for her at the very first sight. Badal tells Megha about his feelings but Megha doesn’t even like the sight of Badal anywhere in her proximity.
Megha’s father, sharmaji who is a government school teacher comes to know that Badal is bothering Megha and with the help of his journalist friend, Master ji goes to Bachcha Babu and tells him that Badal is creating trouble in his daughter’s life.Bachcha Babu assures the journalist that now on Badal will never disturb Megha and her family. In the turn of events bachcha babu bumps into megha even before he could pacify badal and he starts dreaming about Megha in his conscious and
the wildest of dreams, he wants Megha at any cost.
Bachcha Babu goes to the extent of killing his own wife to marry an unaware Megha.When Badal comes to know that Bachcha Babu is so crazy about Megha that he has killed his own wife, he revolts against Bachcha Babu.On the other hand, Bachcha Babu forces Megha’s family for the marriage and when Megha’s family obviously refuses his proposal, Bachcha babu forcefully organizes his wedding with Megha.
When Badal comes to know that his role model Bachcha Babu has forcefully kidnapped Megha, his second love takes over his first love, he gatecrashes and takes Megha away from Bachcha babu’s marriage function.Now Badal and Megha are on a unique journey as they have to hide from Bachcha Babu and his goons. In this journey, Megha discovers her love for Badal.
Escapades of Bachcha Babu against the couple? Badal’s rebellion against him comprises the climax of the film.

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