Singer-Actor Manesha A Agarwal,Padamshri Anup Jalota,Vishwa Mohan Bhatt at musical play Main Hoon Meera in Mumbai.

Singer-Actor Manesha A Agarwal did a musical play where she acted & sung along with Padamshri Anup Jalota at Nehru centre, Mumbai . Manesha A Agarwal played Meera and Anup Jalota played Krishna in this musical play which is composed by Grammy Award Winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Saurabh Bhatt.Both Manesha A Agarwal and Anup Jalota won the audience over with their incredible performance and dialogue delivery.The musical play was directed by Ramesh Lakhmapure and choreographed by Anita Pradhan. Main Hoon Krishna album was released in market by Times Music.
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