Celebration of YARO KA TASHAN – 200 Episodes.

Creative Eye Limited creation, produced by Dheeraj Kumar & Zuby Kochhar celebrated the success of completion of 200 episodes on Tuesday May 2nd On the Sets. The celebration started on the sets by cutting a huge cake by main artist- Anirudh Dave, Shubhi Ahuja, Rakesh Bedi, Gopi Bhalla, Malini Kapoor , technicians and team from SAB TV after the cake cutting ceremony there was lot of fun and frolic on the sets. Anirudh Dave playing Yaro entertained everybody with his robotic dance movements. The rest of the cast also joined him and matched step by step his dancing moves. On a sober note, producer Dheeraj Kumar informed, Yaro ka Tashan shall be completing and concluding journey on 22nd May, 2017. He further said it has been a wonderful journey along with the support of Senior Executive Vice President Neeraj Vyas, fully supported by Devika, Kanika and Monika, the formidable creative team of SAB TV.

Co-producer Sunil Gupta strongly believed there may be an opportunity to bring season-2 of YARO Ka Tashan in the future.Both the producers Dheeraj Kumar and Zuby Kochhar sincerely thanked the entire team for their involvement, dedication to the show.The Party went on till the wee hours with full gusto, “Dhamaal” “Masti” and lot of Hungama.  

anirudh-dave-&-shubhi-ahuja anirudh-dave,shubhi-ahuja-&-dheeraj-kumar anirudh-dave,sunil-gupta,dheeraj-kumar-&-shubhi-ahuja anirudh-dave cake-cutting dheeraj-kumar dheeraj-kumar-1 gopi-bhalla,shubhi-ahuja-&-anirudh-dave1 gopi-bhalla malini,anirudh,shubhi,dheeraj-kumar,rakesh-bedi,devika-&-monica malini,anirudh,shubhi,dheeraj-kumar,rakesh-bedi malini,anirudh,shubhi,dheeraj-kumar,rakesh-bedi1 malini-kapoor-&-dheeraj-kumar monica,shubhi,sandhya,sunil,devika,anirudh-&-dheeraj-kumar rakesh-bedi-&-dheeraj-kumar rakesh-bedi shubhi-ahuja-&-anirudh-dave shubhi-ahuja



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