Diwane Anjane celebrates Mahashivratri and Valentines Day

Diwane Anjane celebrates Mahashivratri and Valentines Day

A Creative Eye limited presentation “Diwane Anjane” produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar, Sunil Gupta shall celebrate “Mahashivratri & Valentines day” on Big Magic (Zee Group) , being shown from Monday to Friday at 9 PM.

Renowned Indian model and Bollywood actress Reyhna Malhotra made a special appearance on the sets of “Diwane Anjane” for the celebration of “Mahashivratri & Valentines day”. Producer Dheeraj Kumar is a big devotee of “Lord Shiva”, so he made sure that the “Mahashivratri” must be celebrated. Reyhna was looking ravishing in her sizzling avatar. The team of “Diwane Anjane” had a big celebration on the sets to enjoy those moments.

Reyhna Malhotra had great time with Jay Pathak, Gaurav Sharma,
Jayshree Soni, Manju Sharma, Gopi bhalla , Preet Kaur Madan and Shubhi Ahuja .

preet kaur madan,gopi bhalla,shubhi ahuja,reyhna malhotra,manju sharma & gaurav sharma

jayshree soni,gopi bhalla,reyhna malhotra,manju sharma,jay pathak,gaurav sharma & shubhi ahuja 1

reyhna malhotra,manju sharma & gaurav sharma



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