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Home > Comedy Hindi film Sharmaji Ki Lag Gai releasing on 15th March .

Sharmaji (Brijendra Kala) and his beautiful and young wife Shobha (Mugdha Godse) staying in a city which is in North India.
Sharmaji is a professor but he is working as columnist in newspaper publisher called Jhunjhuna which belongs to Murli ( Krushna Abhishek) A Young and charming Guy.

Sharmaji’s sex solution column become very popular and everyone want his advice including Top politicians,Police etc. Sharmaji always thinks “ Har koi uski biwi Shobha se line marta hai” Murli is very close to Sharmaji and his wife.

Lalan (Hemant Pandey) is a small gunda in the city. In market Lalan meets Shobha.”Bas kya tha wo use chedta hai ” Shobha call Sharmaji and tell her story but Sharmaji advice her to let it go don’t mess with gunda but Murli become very angry and he beats Lalan and also put him behind bar with the help of Inspector Tiwari (Mukesh Tiwari). Shobha is very happy but Sharmaji is very upset.

Lalan’s mother (Himani Shivpuri) meet Sharmaji and request him to bail out Lalan. Sharmaji goes to polic station but Inspector Tiwari refused due to pressure from politicians.

In return ,Lalan say’s to Sharmaji that “Murli aur apki patni Shobha ka kuch lafda hai”

Film is a fun ride with lots of turn and twist.