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Is Censor Board Really Fair? Wonder Direct Ishq Filmmaker!

There has been enough disparity and more by the censor board on the way films have been approved or denied a U/A certificate. While many have had censors working in their favour, many have bitten the dust in the hands of the board members. So while you have films like Saala Khadoos seeing the light of the day without any issue, makers of Direct Ishq are facing the fire by being made to change words like “Saale” to “Abbe”.

Director Rajiv S Ruia is a troubled man. The maker has been handed over a list of 55 words that the Censor Board has deemed unfit for clearance. Right from Saali being replaced to Hateli, Kamina to Namuna, Pichwada to Bonetwa, Neeche Se To Yahan Se, Maal to Haal and so on.

Addressing the issue the maker Pradeep K Sharma of Baba Motion pictures Pvt ltd says, “This is really unfair that we see too many movies getting away with some glaring words in their title itself while we new filmmakers are asked to make so many changes to get a clearance!”

There have been many incidences of disparity in the past as well. While recently in Tamasha one saw Deepika Padukone abusing away to glory, the past there have been violent movies like Ghajini that have been passed under U/A certificate. But one can only wait and see if Direct Ishq gets some mercy or a revision from the censors.

Starring Rajniesh Duggall, Nidhi Subbaiah and Arjun Bijlani, Direct Ishq is an action packed romantic comedy set in the holy city of Banaras. The movie releases on the 19th of February.  

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