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“Passion or Patience ki Misaal” Amardeep singh Natt

“Passion or Patience ki Misaal” Amardeep Singh Natt

One of the extremely popular dancer and entertainer of today, Amardeep Singh Natt has shown his versatility to the world as a super duper ROBOTICS DANCER. Originally from Punjab, Amardeep was born on 8th July, 1990 and was raised up in Mumbai. He has accomplished his studies from well-known college of Mumbai and decided to start his career with his intense passion in dancing.

Amardeep was very much attracted towards Robots and was dreaming to dance like Robots in his teenage. Though he belong to lower middle class family, he never thought of getting trained himself from some dance masters. Whenever he starts listening to any kind of music nearby or even weird sound of moving ceiling fan, he picks up that sound as a beat to dance. He used to create his own sequence of concepts, compose his own piece and used to perform on his own music.

His interesting journey begins with local workshops, events in college as well as doing stage performances. Thereby, he started appearing in some television series like Airtel Crazy Kiya Re telecasting on DD National, Channel V Footloose, India’s Got Talent on Colours TV, India’s Dancing Superstar on Star Plus channel. Due to his unique style of dancing, he used to remain in constant public attention with the name of “ZINDAROBOT”.

His craziness for dance has made him to accept many rejections from popular TV series, but he keeps on moving ahead and was always focused on his success and achievement. Amardeep presented a terrific robotic performance in Season 1 of Dance+, but there was no luck with him. Again, he gave an awesome robotic performance in Season 2 of Dance+, but still his struggling period had not turned out to some desired aim. Finally, in Season 3 of Dance+ showed him door to make his victorious journey in his passion giving him position as “Passion or Patience ki Misaal”.

Whoopee!!! Amardeep Singh Natt is one of the finalists among 4 contestants in Dance+ Season 3. Crossing all the hurdles in his journey, he has now overcome with remarkable prosperity accumulating millions of fans and followers. His dancing videos are crossing more than 15 Millions of views and thousands of beautiful comments and lacs of likes. God blessed him in fulfilling his dreams which gives us the moral that Be Patient and Keep Going to your goal. Also now he needs your support and love to win the show His voting number is 18005321108 its A Toll Free Number So Make him the Next Dance icon of Dance plus season 3.

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amardeep singh natt

amardeep singh natt & shahrukh khan

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